18 August 2020

To all our Friends and Supporters the Hong Ning Chinese Aged Home

We are delighted that the IMPILO FOUNDATION has chosen Hong Ning Chinese Aged Home to be their charity of choice for this opportunity to help Hong Ning.

IMPILO FOUNDATION’S gesture to help the Home with various non-perishable foods during this unprecedented time is greatly appreciated as it comes at a time when 2 of our major annual fundraisers viz. the Hong Ning Braai Day and Oriental Golf Day, have had to be cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 situation. Needless to say, the Home is heavily dependent on our major fundraisers to keep the doors of the Home open.

The following is a list of non-perishable foods most needed by the Home:

1.  Flour
2. Maizena
3. Sugar
4. Salt
5. Cooking Oil
6. Oats
7. Jam
8. Tea
9. Biscuits
10. Soya Sauce
11. Oyster Sauce
12. Long Life Milk

Your contribution can be dropped off at the IMPILO FOUNDATION (Stand No. 17) during the Social Solidarity Food Drive in Kempton Park on 06 September 2020 (please refer to flyer for full details). For more information please contact Angela on 084 217 9181 or Daniel 072 272 3451.

We would like to take this opportunity to express a very heartfelt thank you to Ms Angela Yeung forinitiating this wonderful opportunity to help Hong Ning at the Social Solidarity Food Drive. We also want to thank all our friends and supporters of Hong Ning in advance for helping us make the lives of our elderly residents as comfortable and enjoyable as possible during their twilight years.


30 July 2020



On the 23rd July Mr Cainfat Hendson celebrated his 91st birthday. His selflessness, love and care
for the elderly was not forgotten and he voluntarily donated R200,000 to the Hong Ning Aged
Chinese Home.

The residents, staff and committee members wish him a very happy birthday and pray that he be
blessed with many, many more healthy years.

Mr Hendson has been a prolific donor to the Home over the years and his concern for all its elderly
residents is touching and heartfelt.

Not only has he been an ardent and longstanding supporter of Hong Ning, but he has also made
significant contributions to many new Chinese Communities requesting for humanitarian aid and
other charitable projects.

Mr Hendson is now retired and resides in Bloemfontein with his supportive wife Nelly who has
been his beloved companion all these years. We extend to them the warmth of the community and
wish much health and happiness to them, their family and loved ones





Winkin Leong (Chairman)


善 長 人 翁

李鏗發先生 華誕誌喜

李鏗發先生七月二十三日慶祝九十一歲誕辰。他永不忘記對老人的愛心關懷,自願獻贈康寧安老院斐幣 20 萬








主 席 梁永健

榮譽主席 潘國偉

暨 全 體 同 仁 鞠躬


Since our previous update when 6 of our residents had been tested positive with Covid-19, the following has occurred.

Three of the residents, all male, have sadly passed on. Their passing was not necessarily as a result of the virus.

An 85 year-old gentleman had a history of renal problems and succumbed to kidney failure.

Another gentleman, who was admitted to the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (formerly known as the Johannesburg General Hospital) for internal bleeding, actually saw an improvement in his condition, but became dehydrated and later developed pneumonia before he sadly passed away.

The third gentleman suffered multi-organ failure.

The three female residents who tested positive were isolated for 14 days. They have been doing extremely well and showed no signs of deteriorating symptoms. As a result, they have now returned to their respective wards. They have all been re-tested and found to be negative.

The security guard, nurse and gardener who all had to isolate themselves away from Hong Ning have all tested negative at our second batch testing and will be reporting for duty during this coming week.

Therefore, all cases that were positive since our last report have fully recovered barring the three gentlemen who died from other causes.

During the latter course of this past week the staff and residents were all required to do a second round of testing as part of our follow-up procedures.

Regrettably, Matron Nanette Walters has tested positive together with another female resident as well as the gate keeper. So far none of them have shown any signs of symptoms and are in good health.

Matron Nanette Walters has been confined to her home from where she continues to supervise proceedings. Fortunately Sister Mande Mbenge and Sister Gladys Malefofane (part of the senior nursing staff) both tested negative and are still on hand to see to the daily medical routines.

Meanwhile, thanks again to the connections of Mr King Pon, we were able to secure the services of an additional senior nurse via Dr Peter Hsu at Milpark Hospital.

We have adopted a contingency plan should all existing senior nurses become infected which will entail the engaging of services of additional external staff.

We will incorporate these additional external staff into Hong Ning with immediate effect in order that they may familiarise themselves with our patients and our medical routines.

It has been noted that the three latest infections have all occurred to personnel and residents who are either residing or have had to frequent Vincent Low House (the first building you see as you enter Hong Ning via the motorised gate).

As all the other residents and staff have tested negative, it appears that we have identified and isolated the virus to a contained area as opposed to experiencing a general outbreak which we have seen at other nursing homes for the elderly. For this we are very thankful.

It also gives us great comfort that our nursing and domestic staff as well as the cooks have an extremely low level of infection as evidenced even after this second batch of testing.

Matron Nanette Walters has advised that most of our nurses reside within the vicinity of the Home and some have agreed to stay at the Home. This has really cut down our staff exposure to minibus taxis, however we remain on high alert. The staff are checked regularly every day for symptoms and are sent home for self-isolation immediately once they appear to be ill or in any discomfort.

For the continued safety of the residents and staff we will de-sanitize the Home’s premises again this coming Tuesday, 04 August 2020, as was diarised two weeks ago. Clinton Yung Fah has kindly agreed to absorb the entire cost of this follow-up exercise as well as officially issuing a certificate for the work done. Our heart-felt thanks goes to Clinton for this kind and generous gesture.

Judging by how this virus has treated us in the past, we sincerely hope that it continues along a similar path and that Matron Nanette Walters and the other two persons who have just been tested positive will develop no other symptoms and recover fully at the end of the 14-day isolation period.

What has been a source of immense encouragement and strength to us as a committee during this very trying time, has been the overwhelming support we have received both financially and emotionally from our Chinese community of both old and new immigrants as well as our Taiwanese community.

The residents, staff and committee members of Hong Ning would like to thank you all most sincerely for your heart warming and compassionate response!

Finally, a special word of thanks goes to the entire Hong Ning staff who, despite the challenging circumstances, have managed to keep their spirits high and have worked together and co-operated as a team in combating this virus.

The details for the Hong Ning Emergency Fund for our continuing fight against Covid-19 fund are as follows:


Bank:               First National Bank

Branch:            Malvern Branch

Code:               253105

Account No:    5028 000 9801

Swift:               FIRN-ZAJJ-018 (for donors from overseas)

Reference:       Covid-19

Those who require it will be furnished with a tax certificate in order that they may claim a reduction in their liability, either in your company or personal name.

For the purpose of a Section 18A Tax Certificate, kindly provide the following:

  • Name of Donor
  • Address of Donor
  • Company Reg. No. (if applicable)
  • VAT Number (if applicable)

We continue to trust God for His hand of protection over our residents and staff of Hong Ning.



25 July 2020

Due to the very trying circumstances of Covid-19 the Hong Ning Chinese Aged Home has had to dig deep into existing financial resources to meet the emergency medical situation facing them.

This, coupled with the fact that they will not be able to host their usual fund raising activities such as the Annual Braai Day and the Golf Day (which generated income to meet most of the expenses to run the Home) has meant that there will be an extraordinary drain on Hong Ning’s dwindling reserves.

Sadly, as things currently stand, and not taking any further unexpected expenses into account, the accumulated savings will only last for one more year.

In light of the current situation, the TCA has decided to donate R50,000.00 ( Fifty Thousand Rand) to the Home. This amount is what TCA would have donated annually to Hong Ning through the usual fundraisers that we support (which will now no longer be held this year).

We are aware that there are severe economic circumstances that have affected everyone but do appeal to all other Associations who normally support Hong Ning to try to do the same.

Further donations from any new sponsors including business and charitable organizations, financial institutions and individuals are also most welcome!


杜省中華公會公告 本會為康寧安老院呼籲善心人士一起支持贊助! 因為病毒疫情(COVID 19) 情況還沒有好轉的跡象,康寧安老院為了照顧住院長者員工們,消毒清潔等等,已經花費了不少安老院儲存基金。 眾所皆知,目前整個社會狀況是不允許我們做往年所辦的各項籌款活動: 燒烤園遊會,高爾夫球賽等等。以上各項募款活動都是安老院的基金來源。這無疑是對安老院雪上加霜。 讓我們非常擔憂的是:安老院的基金儲存只能再維持一年了。 過往杜省中華公會在康寧燒烤募款活動,有捐贈R50,000。雖然今年沒辦法舉行各種活動,杜省中華公會還是決定贊助安老院R 50000.00。
我們理解大家在疫情禁足期中,都有經濟上的壓力。但還是呼籲所有華僑社團繼續支持贊助安老院! 我們感激𣎴盡所有社團協會,慈善機構,財經組織及個人能在這次慷慨解囊來捐款!更感謝大家支持我們的呼籲。 祝福大家一切平安健康幸福快樂! 潘 明 怡 杜省中華公會主席 2020: 07:25 馮德滿翻譯

Their Banking details are as follows:-
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Malvern
Branch Code: 253105
Account No: 5028 000 9801
Swift: FIRN-ZAJJ-018 (For overseas donars)

Reference: Please use an your email address and mobile number as a reference so we can formally acknowledge your donation.
Thank you for supporting our initiative

Kind Regards,

Erwin Pon
Chairman – The Chinese Association – Gauteng (TCA)


2020 年7月18日





兩位病患者已被家人送去醫院。一位病患者有內部出血。另一位正在等待髖骨骨折的手術。兩位的狀況已經穩定了,COVID-19的症狀也沒有惡化的跡象。內部出血的患者感到呼吸困難,但大致上的情況已有改進。髖骨骨折的患者也慢慢康復,看不出有COVID-19 。

感謝潘國境先生同MilPark醫院的Peter 徐大夫聯繫請教。許大夫幫忙指派了一個驗血(Lancet laboratory)護理員隊特別來本院作檢測。我們讚許他們的專業及隨和寬容的態度。








護理長Nanette Walters 所制定的安老院章程及規則,從今年二月到現在,五個月內,很大的程度上控制了這種疫情的擴散。實屬不易。我們看到在世界其他各地的安老院,疫情擴散到沒有辦法控制的地步。

在這期中,資深護理團隊尤其是Mandy Menga護士在長期照顧住院長者的狀況下,除了一位以外,大家的檢測是陰性的。這讓我們非常的開心滿意。



所有檢測的花費在R 40,000以下。


檢測完了以後,我們已經找專業的公司來到本院做一次全院消毒。報價是R 3.00每平方米。總價在R 10000 以下。大家都建議在三十天以後還會再做一次消毒清理。


Milpark醫院Peter 徐大夫及慈濟基金會- K95 口罩,手套,口罩,面罩,防護服及清潔手液等.
𨚪世珍女士(日記)-PPE 設備
李新鋳先生- 消毒機及消毒液
Dr. Ivan Jardine - 感染預防物品:口罩,手套及清潔手液.
楊斯松先生- 防護服


COVID-19 還沒有結束!我們需要各方面及各種的幫助與支持。康寧安老院的存款可能沒法維持很久,所以我們特別設立了一個康寧緊急基金帳戶,希望各方善心人士能繼續贊助康寧安老院對治病毒疫情的努力。

戶名: Hong Ning Chinese Aged Home
Bank : First National Bank
Branch: Malvern
Branch Code: 253105
Account no. 50280009801
Swift: FIRN-ZAJJ-018
Ref. : COVID 19


如果需要這張減稅收據(18A 減稅證明)請提供以下的細節:
1) 名字
4) VAT 號碼


( 馮德滿翻譯 )

COVID-19 Pandemic

Important Notice to All Staff, Residents and Visitors (Families and/or Friends)

Immediate Restrictions to the Hong Ning Chinese Aged Home Facility

The fact that the elderly are at great risk of contracting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and fatalities have been reported world-wide, each of us are required to take every precaution to safeguard our residents and ourselves from infection.
To minimise the threat of this virus the following will be implemented with IMMEDIATE effect:
1. No access to Hong Ning will be permitted except for residents, staff and essential deliveries (food and/medicine).
2. Additional services such as student nurses will not be allowed until further notice.
3. We are also halting all weekly activities as well as all gatherings at Hong Ning such as visitors from various organisations until further notice.
4. All talks (such as Dementia) and fundraising events at Hong Ning have been postponed until further notice.
5. No visitors, including family and friends, will be allowed entry into Hong Ning because it creates a risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.
6. Except for medical consultations, residents are not allowed to be taken off the premises.
7. We strongly advise everyone, including the residents, to practice good hygiene and social distancing principles in their daily routines.
Please use the D-Germ hand disinfectant spray which is situated along the covered pathway, frail care entrance, dining room entrance, independent living areas and at the entrance to Vincent Low House.
8. The gatekeeper has been instructed to ensure EVERY person applies disinfectant/hand sanitiser to their hands upon entry into Hong Ning. Please ensure that this is done before proceeding further.
9. If you are ill or were ill in the past week, or if you have travelled to any of the affected countries in the recent past, please DO NOT visit Hong Ning.
10. Family and friends are most welcome to phone in and speak to their loved ones on the Frail Care cell (071 461 9722).
While the above measures may be awkward, uncomfortable or inconvenient, it is important that we all act in the interests of all concerned. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact the Nursing Manager, Sr. Nanette Walters (071 461 9722), for more information or for any assistance you may
require. Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Winkin Leong


 COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by a new coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.
 It is now spreading worldwide and has been declared a pandemic.
 Scientists are currently working on a cure as the disease continues to spread.
 It presents mainly with lower respiratory tract symptoms viz. fever, sore throat, dry cough and shortness of breath. It can also cause severe pneumonia.
It is important to seek immediate medical advice by phoning your doctor or the NICD help line 0800 029 999.
 The majority of cases (80%) will be mild with full recovery, similar to the usual influenza.
 Persons to be tested are the following:
 Fever
 Sore throat
 Dry cough
 Shortness of breath (difficulty in breathing)
PLUS any of the following:
 Travel history to a high-risk country
 Close contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case
 Severe pneumonia of unknown cause
 At risk health care workers
 If a patient tests positive the case will be dealt with by NICD in terms of treatment and quarantine.
 Higher risk of developing severe disease are:
 Over 60 years old
 Diabetics
 Underlying lung and cardiac disease
 Obesity
 Immunocompromised individuals e.g. cancer patients, TB or HIV patients
 Measures to reduce the spread of the disease:
 REGULAR hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
 Frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers (at least 70 % alcohol).
 Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth.
 Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of used tissue immediately.
 Wear a mask ONLY if you are infected.
 Practice social distancing by avoiding large gatherings or crowded places.
 Avoid unnecessary travel.
 Greet safely (by nodding, waving or using your elbow). Do not hug and keep a safe distance from all other persons (at least 1 metre).
 If you have been in contact with a person who has returned from overseas or who has been visiting here recently, you need to self-isolate i.e. stay at home and not have any direct contact with any other person for at least 14 days.