While financial contributions and gifts in kind are most welcomed, often a voluntary service is more appreciated by our residents. A bit of time spent at Hong Ning showing that you care can mean much more than a material contribution.

We are in need of people who can spend time with the residents as well as making their skills available for maintenance and repairs. Here are some of the ways you can help although you are not limited to these. These are some of the ways you can help, but you are not restricted to just these. Assistance comes in many forms, and these are just some of the more common ones:
We would love for you to come and assist in one these ways, or one where you may perceive a need:

  • Playing mah-jong/bingo and other games with the residents.
  • Tai chi exercisses.
  • Physiotherapy or other needs that aged people may require.
  • Plumbing/electrical services.
  • Put on a tea for the residents.
  • Cutting the residents' hair.

These and any other caring acts would be most welcomed. Please contact us if you if you wish to assist..